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Prologue Edit

Roof of mall

Figure One

Listen up soldier!! For this map, you need to stick to the center! When in the open, be aware of snipers and enemies on the roof! In the very center, by the tree, stay near a door or window, and peek out if you see an enemy!

Bottom of the map -1-

Figure Two

The mall map is a diverse, but hard map. Always stick to the sides, and be ready to duck down at any time. Keep a look out for people on the roof, as they have an advantage!

Guns to use for this map! Edit

Bottom of the map -2-

Figure Three

If you go to the very roof as seen in figure one on the other side of the map, use a sniper rifle, dmr, or the AUG A1! For Figure two, try to stick with an smg, assault rifle, or shotgun!

View of the center of the map

Figure Four

When on the top roof, ( as seen in Figure One ) tend to use a sniper, or a DMR. When on the bottom ( Figure Two, and Three ) try to tend to use an assault rifle, LMG, or SMG. When near the middle of the map ( Figure Four and Figure Five ) Try to stay near the windows or an escape route, in case of enemy attack!

Tactics for this map! Edit

If you see an enemy ECT, go to a ladder or platform to get up there, and use a suppressor on your gun! When flanking the hill, always throw a grenade and stay low. If you get a hitmarker or kill, go to the second floor or the roof, and use something with a lot of ammo such as the AUG HBAR and clear the hill, and drop down to capture it! Always flank the hill no matter what!

Hope this helps!

View of the center of the map -2-

Figure Five

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