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            Soldier! Listen up! Today, we have to take back the city Ravod from the Ghosts! There are tall warehouse style buildings! They have ladders so you can get to the roof!

RobloxScreenShot06282016 195346213

Ravod 911 from the roof

If you do this, use a gun good at all ranges such as the SCAR - H or the BFG 50! The enemy spawn will be on the other side of the map, so remember to bring some teammates along! Always keep an eye on the roof's, and the sniper hill! Throw grenades at the enemy spawn! If you get a hitmarker but not a kill, rush it! Be ready for anything, and watch out for snipers behind you! If it is king of the hill, go to tank area to take cover, and throw grenades on the point! If you get a kill rush it! If you get a hitmarker, go up on the roof! On KOTH, enemies will most likely be on the roofs of the neighboring buildings! Always watch the pipe access to the other building as an enemy will most likely be on there. Remember all these tips, and have a good time killing your enemies :)

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