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Listen up soldiers!

The enemy has captured the hill! They are armed with assault rifles! You will need PDW's (Personal Defense Weapons) like a UMP45. Grenades are a good tactic to scare or eliminate enemy players.

Cook your grenades for about 3-4 seconds and throw them at the hill. But make sure you don't cook it for too long, or it will detonate in your hand.

Watch the buildings, and the crane for snipers that will attempt take you out. Keep your eyes open, and get behind cover. Always watch your back, never a good idea to turn your back against an enemy spawn.

To gain a vantage point on the hill, get on the crane or any tall buildings and snipe them them. But only three or four soldiers may be on the crane for sniper support! At least one should have a PDW, LMG, or assault rifle in case of an enemy invasion. In the parking lot map, always stay in the side area near the hill, due to the fact only a few enemy's will enter, and offers you shelter from the grenades. Stay there until the hill has been captured by the enemy! Use a LMG gun such as a the M60, MG36, or L86 LSW. I prefer the L86 LSW due to the fact that it gives a bullet "crack!" to the enemy, which irrationally distracts them. First, stay in the area make sure to cook the grenade and throw towards either door leading to the hill. If you get a hit marker, but not a kill, take cover in the rooms beside the "hill". Throw another grenade towards the door from the cover of the dark room, but make sure to cook it for only 3-4 seconds, or else it may detonate prematurely in your hand.

Hope this helps ~ alphaundercat and SkullCandyDude101

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