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Welcome To Phantom Forces Edit

So, you "picked up" Phantom Forces, and you have no idea how to play. Well,I'm here to try and teach you how.

Weapons Edit

Well, when you first start off the game, you'll be issued a M4 carbine(It's an all class weapon, but it comes first equipped into your Assault Class)MP5K for your Scout class,M60 for your Support class, an Intervention for your Recon class(for all you quickscopers out there) and M9 Barreta as your standard secondary. In order to be good with these, you must learn their personalites.

M4 Edit

The M4 is a 5.56x45mm NATO(it also uses a NATO 30 round STANAG magazine) carbine available to all classes, but starts off as your default for the Assault class. It fires in a 3-round burst that can be "canceled" before the third shot. With an ROF of 950 and a 3-shot kill at close range, it can be very effective for an aggressive player, as it can also preform well at mid range. All a player will need to know is when to is to click the weapon and not lay off the trigger until you think so. This can mean that players can play any way they want with this.

MP5K Edit

The MP5K is one of the many MP5s variants in game,using the same cartridge, receiver, and magazine but a shorter barrel, making it the most innacurate but giving it the best hipfire potential out of the MP5s. This could be speculated as the game telling the player to be more aggressive and bum rush everyone else. This means it can be a good idea to equip a suppressor on it and play as an "aggressor" and rush. When playing a round that includes capture points, this makes sense to run up ahead of your teammates and attempt to clear the point if using a suppressor.

M60 Edit

The M60 is a 7.62x51mm NATO light machine gun that fires 600 RPM with a very accurate at long ranges with a 4 shot kill at long ranges(around 150 meters) and at any ranges shorter than that 3 shots(40 damage maximum and 26 minimum) making it comparable to a DMR with 100 rounds in a magazine. I would recommend