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Segen Bashar 'Sheep' ; Ghosts Tactician Edit

The best way to take out an enemy is to hit hard and hit fast. The element of surprise will be key to toppling the tyrants' control. For that assignment, we will require weapons with quick time to kill.



PRACTICAL TTK: 0.18 seconds

The Colt SMG is a personal favorite, though its high rate of fire produces a high amount of recoil, it also produces a baseline TTK for a quick kill. I recommend a suppressor, Folding Grip, and AN/PEQ-15 laser for any sort of killing. However, since the 635 sports very high recoil even with bursts, it is recommended to engage targets at ranges closer than fifty meters. If you ever encounter an enemy farther than that range, a good tactic is to take cover behind crates, inside buildings, or anything! Wait for them to come to you instead of being gunned down!



MINIMUM TTK: 0 seconds

There is a fine line between using the REX correctly and incorrectly. Those who realise the MP412's exceptional damage potential will aim to use it for its one headshot kill potential. Others will only see the high rate of fire and shoot away like an idiot. To use the REX effectively, one must aim meticulously and deliberately. It is recommended for experienced snipers to use the MP412 as the REX is simply a precision instrument without a scope.

Burseg (Commander) Bill Walker; Ghosts Field Commander Edit

Ai'ght, listen up, class! We're assigned to take out these blokes guarding this crane facility!

Currently very unfinished