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Instructor Sebastian Harris; Marksman Division Edit

Alright, recruits, listen up. Your first assignment is to defend the crane from the Ghosts who are trying to gain the strategic sniper's nest.

First, you need to get a sniper rifle. The classic Intervention is enough for anyone to use but I personally prefer the Remington 700 with its faster firing rate, which means more nyets can be dropped. However, the Intervention is also a legitimate choice, where its higher magazine size will help you watch the area for extended periods of time.

After you get your rifle, be sure that you can reliably chain headshot multiple targets. This is because a sniper rifle is slow to fire because rechambering your bullet is a long process, in regards to the seconds that targets have to be dropped in. A headshot guarantees the instant kill and will protect our lads up there from the time the nyets can stuff 100 rounds into our lads up there.

The reason why I emphasize multiple targets is because there will be MANY nyets attempting to climb the ladder. I usually hit them where the ladder stops and they have to go on the catwalk to climb the other set of ladders near the top. They usually stop and allow you to get that sweet 250 experience you have been waiting for. If you are daring enough, the ladder is usually a good place to hit them, but make sure to aim a centimeter or two higher to compensate for bullet drop.

Happy hunting, rookies! Make sure you don't get knifed in the back by a sneaky nyet!

Commander Alex Baker; Guardian Corps Edit

Attention, men! We are the shield that protects our men on the Crane. We have just received intel on enemy units converging on our sniper position on the Crane and it is your job to see to the safety of our support groups there and make sure they don't seize the Crane themselves!

You may need some light machine guns, some rifles, and many grenades to eliminate bandits coming up your tower. Any suppression weapon is preferred to keep enemies from shooting at you accurately. However, you cannot aim directly down at a threat down the ladder, so keep your head down from Ghost snipers.

As a defender, you should keep an eye on the ladder. Don't stand up; you can easily be picked off by enemy snipers. Guarding the base of the Crane is also a viable option but explosives can be used to wipe your squad out. Of course, you can't shoot directly down, but it sure beats being massacred at the base of the Crane. Hopefully, Harris's snipers may be on standby to eliminate enemy snipers and help us pick off enemies

Godspeed, soldiers.