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Gggy's Guides to Phantom ForcesEdit

A collection of guides and advice from community member Gggy!

Gggy's Guide to Defending The Crane - Crane Defense Guide 101

Gggy's Sniper's Guide to Attacking A Chokepoint - Attacking vital chokepoints for your cause

TDM and You by Gggy - A guide outlining the basics of Team Deathmatch and some advice for new players

Gggy's King of the Kill Guide - The attacker's and defender's manual of KOTH.

G11: Assassination and Extermination - A guide about technical knowledge and analysis on weaponry and effective ways to drop your opponent.

Slicing the Pie - Clearing a building with a firearm.

Gggy's Armoury - Tried and true weapon set-ups from a professional player!