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Segen Bashar (Five-Star General) "Sheep"; Ghosts Tactician Edit

Listen up, soldiers. We've caught wind of a new figure... Xylven, the new Phantom leader responsible for the resurgence of the Phantom Tyrants...

We need to deploy now. I've got information from a spy that they're beginning to capture our tank factory, Ravod 911.

Deploy, Deploy, Deploy! Edit

Deploy quickly! The initiative must be in our hands! The faster you get to the point, the faster we can set up a defensive position. They might also throw grenades at your squad on point, killing everyone. Watch out and don't be afraid to dive out of the point only to get back on it again! I don't like seeing my men become minced meat from an easily avoidable throw.

Finding a Chink in the Tyrants' Armor Edit

Your first priority after losing the point is to always find a gap in their defenses. A major determining factor is flanking the defenders on the rooftops. There are many access ladders that can be utilized to undermine their grip on the rooftops and Hill below. Simply gather an assault force and massacre their forces concentrated on pinning down your progressing comrades. Only then can they allow our primary attack group to push onto the Hill. Eliminating an enemy decreases the enemy's point pool, allowing a swift victory with enough firepower and point control.

Holding Out Edit

The Tyrants will be back even after we route them from the Hill. It is essential that we dig in quickly, or else a swift blow will be enough for them to retake the Hill.

Never set up on the pipes or bad cover, otherwise the Tyrants will immediately kill you without mercy. You are very visible there and a life on the pipe is a life wasted.

Watch those flanks! The ladders that you might've used may be one that the enemy will use. Be sure that no Tyrant climbs up and kills your squad, always be alert.

Keep these tips in mind and be careful, soldier.