The Weapon: Edit

The L22 is a carbine unlocked at rank 28.

This weapon has a very high rate of fire, very high recoil (both horizontal and vertical), and a lot of muzzle flash. It has a slow reload time as well.

This weapon when first unlocked comes with obstructive iron sights, making the gun usable only at short-medium range (which is what the gun was made for)

The weapon's magazine size is 30, and its total ammo is 150, with its high rate of fire you will burn your ammo reserve very quickly, so you should try to scavenge some ammo from enemy weapons as soon as you get a kill/you're low on ammo.

Tactics and Attachment combos: Edit

A good attachment combo that would make the gun usable at both short and medium range effectively is:

Barrel: Flash Hider (Totally removes the muzzle flash that keeps you from using the gun at longer ranges effectively)

Under barrel: Laser (It's the only underbarrel attachment and it raises your hipfire stability)

Other: Green Laser (Paires well with the laser to improve hipfire, this attachment reduces hipfire spread)

Sight: Up to personal preference, I think that the MARS sight is pretty good.

With this combo your hipfire in CQC (Close Quarter Combat) will be very effective, and with the high rate of fire you can bring down groups of enemies with little effort, to use it effectively at medium range you will need to learn how to control the recoil, but after you do it will be very easy to kill enemies at these ranges.

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