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This is a personal guide originally made by TheRealNightmareFreddy .
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            Hello. This is Sergeant Monkeys and today I am going to teach you, soldier, how to use this amazing gun type called a PDW.

Stop laughing and listen!

The PDW, or Personal Defense Weapon, is a weapon class usually used in close combat or self defense. However, if used properly, it would be as effective as a long range marksman rifle...

I, as your sergeant, am going show you how to never miss and how to pick people off at long range with a PDW. That's right, soldier, a PDW.

Much of the time, a suppressor will do nothing to the way your gun functions. Also, they look amazing on a PDW. Man, I miss the days when I used to be a little monkey with a suppressed UMP... Sorry, off topic. However, I wouldn't recommend the use of a suppressor, because anyway, people are going to NOTICE you. Use Muzzle Break if you don't mind moving the mouse with the target wherever they go, or use Compensator if you're looking to finish the job clean and effectively. Two lasers or a stubby grip is the choice for people who are looking to reduce recoil. Always remember, soldier, it's not a crime to switch to semi automatic, say, if you are missing every shot you take.

Now leading us into how to pick off people. If you are far away, switch to Semi (v) and pick off their heads. You do not really want to go auto, because that will alert the attention of your opponent, and while you are reloading, he will kill you.

If you are using ballistics tracker, feel free to switch to auto! It's sure make the job easier, and you will hit your target.

Stop laughing and get back to work! What's wrong with my tail? I thought so! Now leave, before I spank you with it!