Hi im mrkingdomrush you probably dont know me beacause im a lvl 7 sniper thats here to give you some tips OK?

so tip #1:If you and your enemy are in a sniper fight,you should not aim for the head constantly like a doofus and actually land a shot or two.If you cant get a headshot than at least shoot them until they die.

tip#2:Get your self a good secondary try the glock 17 or mp412 rex so you have a relible gun for CQC.

tip#3 In the crane map try to take out the guards that are sometimes protecting the snipers there.theres almost always a guy or two with an smg 50 or somthing up there than take out them up there with your sniper and than get up there and USE THE KNIFE.NOT A PISTOL.THE PISTOL MAKES TO MUCH NOISE.Ok you can use it if theres ONE guy up there.