I love it when kids come up to me and ask “papa lentils how do I join FaZ Klen” and I say “LEARN TO SNIPE U LITTLE SHT”-Ghandi

OK so on to the guide players wish they were able to quickscope like those players in team Phantom and OpTik gaem. But before you make your transition into cancer you must learn how to corrupt a white blood cell how to mess up their mitosis, other fancy science words and this is where I will tell you how to snipe

Sniper- A player that will shoot you from far away without you knowing and then move once you look back.

I'm not going to go over what guns you can use this guide because it's kind of self-explanatory and you can use nearly any gun as a sniper *Cough *UMP *Cough*

Step 0.1 Edit

Camp on the crane Edit

Professional advice right here, don't underestimate the "Crane". It is a spot full of campers, and it has a FULL view of the map.

Step 1 Edit

Take position Edit

Learn some decent sniping spots, go onto the corner of the map and you will see a secluded doorway.

Step 2 Edit

WAIT I can’t push this down your throat any deeper than I already am right now, so don’t go closer to the battlefield. You will freaking die. Sure you can move to get a better shot but I'd say stay at least 90 studs from where you wish to snipe or so-called “cover”. An example of this is the hill on desert storm you can stay in the tall building behind it or the buildings in front of it

Step 3 Edit

Spot your enemies Edit

Keep spotting, do it because you can’t see them does not mean they can’t see you!

Step 4 Edit

Help support the team. Edit

if you see another sniper take him down or perhaps an LMG spraying onto the hill put a bullet into his head.

Step 5 Edit

You don’t belong on the front lines stay away from them!!

Pro tips for Faz klen only

  • You’re a sniper, not a rusher, know what you are. You can’t grab a sniper rifle, run in, and call it an AR. Stay in a sniping spot and wait for players to come into your sight.
  • You can use a black skin while sniping it makes you harder to see this is also a tactic used by many so- called “Skilled” players including most players in CPFL use an all black skins.
  • Please don’t aim for the head and try to get them from an angle, it makes it easier to get bodyshots and headshots because the arms aren’t in the way.
  • Lastly, how much damage it does, how many shots it takes to kill a player etc.