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            Hello everyone, this is my first time creating a blog post. This will be more or less based on if the classes I think are recommended to use on certain maps. I am open for suggestions or improvements on this. THIS IS STILL BEING WORKED ON

For Crane Revamped, I tend to stick to using Sniper rifles on the crane as a recon role to Hill and Team Deathmatch. I do tend to prefer engaging enemies from far away rather than face to face (so I die less).

For the Desert map, I prefer using the Scout class to use PDWs and Carbines (especially the AUG A3 PARA). I see this map as a more close range battlefield rather than a long range one.

Just like Crane Revamp, I tend to use Sniper Rifles but due to a more squeezed in map area I also dabble in Assault Rifles and using the Support class for LMGs.

For the Mall Construction map, and its VERY close quarter theme, I prefer to use the Scout class to access fast shooting weapons such as the PDWs and Carbines. I usually hipfire but aiming would be necessary at some point.

For this map (oh boy..) I would have to say the same thing for the Mall Construction of using PDWs/Carbines. I usually flank the enemy by going down the elevator and shooting behind them quickly, one by one before they notice.

So.. what are your thoughts?