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            Soldier, have you noticed that bar with those "60 max -> 110 min" and "34 -> 21"? Those are stats. This guide will help you choose your weapons in game.

Rate of Fire Edit

The first stat is Rate of Fire. this is obviously how fast your gun fires. For ex., you have a gun with 600 RPM. Lets Calculate, 600/60=10 or 10 Bullets per second. If we calculate again, x (rounds in mag) variable is 30. If so, x/y (variable of Bullets per Second.) so, 30/10= 3 seconds to deplete your whole mag.

Damage Edit

Like the RoF, it is obvious what this is. so the "34 -> 21" ex. there, that's your damage. if you go on your max damage which is variable p. p is 34 right? 100/34 = 2.94117647059 or 3 shots to kill. Lets go on the min or m. M is 21 right? 100/21 = 4.7619047619 or 5 shots to kill.


Damage Range == The "60 Max -> 110 Min" is what is called "Damage Range". 34 -> 21 range is "60 -> 110" 34 - 21, 13, 110 - 60 = 50 right? 50/13 is 0.26 so, for ever stud in the 60-110 range, the damage will drop by 0.26 per stud.

So what will I choose? Edit

After those wordy facts, what will you choose?

-Med Damage and Med RoF (SCAR-L)

-High Damage Weapons and Low RoF (M60)

- High damage range (Snipers)

To be continued..........