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    KingVemonRS's Guide

    February 6, 2017 by KingVenomRBLX

    Hi , I’m KingVemonRS aka (Former R2D veteran) . I’m teaching you a essential knowledge of CQC . Contact me on twitter (@Real_KingVenom).

    The biggest flaw for most people is countering enemies with Diving attack and having difficult times checking the radar and the surrounding.

    Here is the list of thing you should stop doing.

    • Bad routes

    You will more likely to get killing at a major route people commonly travels through . I reccomend to discover your map for alternative routes and shortcut can save your KDR.

    • Improperly using diving attack

    Diving attack in helpful at 20-30 studs , countering shotgun users and snipers  . Diving attack makes you a vulnerable at wide open space because it decrease your maneuverability . You will be a easy target for …

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