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5 Star General Xylven, Phantom Marines leader Edit

Hello Private, do want to bring glory for the Phantoms? Yes? Read this manual to help your odds in winning Flare Domination. Flare Domination is a rewarding match, giving you 250 points every capture. Try to use my strategies down below to increase odds in winning.

Learning the ABC's Edit

Learn and review the 2 teams spawn points and the places of the points. Go to the nearest points of your spawn point. This will help you in finding points. Plan strategies in attacking and defending points by looking at the walls, entrances and flanking points. This way you can think on how to attack easily and win it.

Ready your weapons, boys. Edit

Learn to invade a defended point. Normally, use a Machine Gun or Sniper. Bring 1 or more friends while coming to a defended or undefended point. 2 players on a point will make capturing the points faster. You may frag them until they all die or escape.

Move on to Point A! Edit

Learn to defend. Also use a sniper or machine gun. Prone down and when the enemy arrives, shoot them out of notice, if they notice you, spray at their face. Its also tactical to "kamikazi" or frag and stay at that position, dying before the frag explodes, killing the others of the resulting explosion.

You can't win 100% of the timeEdit

This won't make you win the match 100% of the time, but increase odds of winning the match. You may lose to high ranks, well managed teams and sometimes your team doesn't want to help you. Private, the training is over, you may engage in combat now.